IBM Content Analytics / Enterprise Search

Consultation services are available for IBM Content Analytics (ICA) or other Enterprise Search technologies. We have several years experience with ICA (with both versions 2.2 and 3.0). Please contact us to inquire about rates and terms of contract. We can support existing installations as well as new installations.

In addition to the core search/analytics platform, we have extensive experience working with IBM Content Analytics Studio, the text analytics/natural language processing development environment and have developed modules to tackle analytics tasks of varying difficulties. Currently, the primary subject domain being worked on is in medical informatics. Due to the privacy requirements of HIPAA and some of the tasks we have worked on, IBM Guardium and Optim solutions were also implemented in order to strip identifiers from the text for certain business cases (sharing textual data with other institutions) as well as coping with the varied formats of medical text storage in enterprise data warehouses (single document, chunks, line-by-line).

Several publications, posters and talks have been authored/co-authored by us on our results in this domain.

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